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The ‘Environment-Friendly’ is Ozone based water treatment system that provides the highest quality of water while reducing the usage of chlorine to a bare minimum with a real-time microprocessor dosage controller .
The result of a cooperative Swiss – Israeli research and development effort in 1980’s, It combines Ozone and Aerated chlorine for water treatment. This method has proven to be most effective in terms of water quality and highly efficient in the chlorine use, with saving of up to 70% while maintaining the required free chlorine level.
The treated water is, clear, sparkling, pleasant and healthy leaving out any irritation, odours and aftertaste.It prevents the development of chloramines, T.H.M and other toxic hazards.? The reduction of chlorine usage improves the economics and the logistics of water treatment thereby contributing to preservation of the environment.
Poolactif International S.Tamir Ltd, provides systems are used in a wide range of water treatment applications and solutions such as: swimming pools from public/private to water park facilities; potable upgrade to drinking water in hotels, apartment and office towers; food processing; fish farming; zoological park; water sterilization; domestic waste water at the polishing stage.
Various installations can be found in the USA, England, Germany,
Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand, The Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel
and Australia.
The major components are manufactured in Germany and
protected by patent in:
USA 4804478;
Europe 0237793;
Australia 599541;
Japan 68184
China ?200720302111.3。


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