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Dynamic Drinkable Water Treatment System – Serial PAT

In brief the advantages :
(1) High quality tap drinkable water for all needs such as: drinking, cooking, laundry, cleaning purpose, shower, bath and gardening in the tower building, meeting German European standards, bacteriological disinfected also to meet the local requirements
(2) Reduction of excessive chlorine, chloramine, T.H.M., D.O.C and other organics combination to meet the German European standards.
(3) Water will contain a free chlorine level as required by health authority regulation, which keeps the water safe from recontamination at a stable pH.
(4) Filtration is highly improved through the flocculation effect .
(5) Removing substance, which is affecting the water through the pipe net- work of the water supply.
(6) No more eye burns, ear infection and skin irritations caused by excessive chemicals in the shower or bath.
(7) Improve taste and smells for drinking and cooking.
(8) Prevent yellowing affected on the laundry.
(9) Garden plants will have a faster and healthier growing.
(10) Improve air quality in the water area such as in kitchen, bathroom, toilet and garden.
(11) A high improvement in the water taste, the healthy minerals remaining in the water.
(12) Removing hardness from the water such as iron, manganese and excessive chlorine substance.
(13) Low running cost.
(14) Easy to install, with minimum space, easy to operate, fully automatic, no maintenance requires.
(15) Takes place in the existing reservoir located in the basement of the building, no need to change any piping and further special construction work.

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