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Swimming Pool -- PA serial

Strong disinfection, keeps water clear, healthy and pleasant for bathing comfort. In brief the advantages :
(1)Stable water chemistry, meet any international swimming pool regulation, and FINA Olympic swimming pool regulation.
(2)100%disinfections. Bacteriological disinfected to any local regulations.
(3)No chemical hazards, the chloramine and T.H.M. will meet the German European highest standards. (see “Sydney Water Research” Pg.8, Pg12), hardness reduction while removing some chemicals and minerals with Poolactif treatment.
(4)Reduced chlorine consumption up to 50 – 70% while keeping free chlorine as required (meet any regulation), and prevent build-up Urea.

Since Reduced chlorine consumption:
(1)No more eye burns or skin irritations,No more ear infection caused by excessive chemicals.
(2)No colour loosing of hair and bathing suit.
(3)No more bad smells and bad taste in the pool area. Improve the air quality.
Stable pH (don’t need any acid or alkalinity amendments).
(4)Ozone mix with lower consumption of chlorine means that pool water never has to be shocked whilst still keeping high disinfection levels.
(5)Filtration highly improvement while the Pool Actif create flocculation action.
(6)The micro-processor digital ORP/PH controller eliminate any excessive ozone and chlorine while keeping a stable disinfections level as required.
(7)Easy to install, minimum space required, wall mounted.
(8)Low running cost, power of the ozone generator 200W.
(9)Low running cost, power of the ozone generator 200W.
(10)system is a complete water quality performance policy and not only sales of ozone generators, or other water purification equipment.
Light Ozone Generator:PA Serial
Pool Volume up to
150 M3
250 M3
400 M3
700 M3
1200 M3
1700 M3
2300 M3
3000 M3
Standard Model (special circumstances of specific parameters can be customized)

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