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Cooling Tower

Applicable to all sizes of cooling tower water tank, treatment process is as follows:
This special system not only prevents the formation of algae in water and water in the fouling phenomena, but also to the original oxidation to remove dirt, etc., to restore the original pipe diameter. Thus ensuring the normal operation of the cooling process.

The advantages :

 ·Prevent the build-up of the stony scales, and keeps the pipe on the same I.D all time to assure a proper action of the cooling process.
 ·Remove the scales in the pipes and renew the original diameter of the pipes.
 ·Low running cost,saving up to 70% chlorine with 200W.
 ·Bacterial free as German regulation, preventing grow of algae;
 ·Easy to install and friendly maintain;
 ·Minimum space required, wall mounted;
 ·Safe and operation friendly, high environmental effect;

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